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With the coming of the Scottish summer, we have been out on the bikes to check out the Saughton Skate park, which opened on the 8th of May. We don't really ride BMXs, but there's stuff to do for everyone, including bigger MTBs.



We visited the newly opened Musselburgh BMX track, which was well designed, but less well thought out :  For example, placing it next to the see with nothing to shelter the course from the wind. This results in the rider battling against the wind on the first straight :  Not good. However, the features were good enough, although we found out that they would not receive further maintenance following their completion, due to lack of funds.

Also visited in 2009 was the Westerhailes pump track which was abysmal and the secret garden on Corstorphine hill.


A long time ago (2008) . . .

On Sunday 10th of February 2008, we went up to Glentress to check out the demo day. The most popular companies like Santa Cruz and Iron Horse were fully booked the whole day but we managed to try out a few bikes. First we tried a 29 inch wheel Saracen and a carbon frame Saracen. Both of these bikes were really light but I felt that the 29 inch wheels made steering a bit awkward on really tight corners. Because of the weight (or lack of it) these bikes climbed really well, especially the 29 inch wheeled Saracen. Then we tested out a couple of Felt full sussers with equilink technology which were a lot heavier but made landings really soft. However getting speed up on the full sussers was near impossible and climbing was incredibly slow and hard. Finally we tried a Haro Flightline comp which proved that you don't need to have hydraulic discs for great stopping power.  My personal favourite was the Carbon frame Saracen as it was light, manoeuvrable, and fun to ride. However, I won't be riding one again soon as it would set you back 2 grand to buy one of these marvellous bikes.


A very long time ago (2006) . . .

On Saturday the 18th of March 2006 we  went up to GLENTRESS , Peebles, to check out their descents, including the infamous Spooky Wood. We spent the afternoon there. The run took longer than it was supposed to as there was plenty of snow when we got higher up. If your bike isn't up to it you can hire bikes from a shop at the entrance. They hire mostly Konas but they do have other makes. They do Full suspension and hardtails with front shocks. There were trails for all abilities and it was all  very  well signposted. One of the best parts of Glentress is the Freeride park.  

The down trail crosses over the up trail so you can quit  at almost any time. There is a one way system so you go up and then down in a loop. the different trails are colour coded and everyone is friendly there so if you get lost you only have to ask the next person you meet .  There was even a high pressure water spray to clean bikes at the end. And on top of all that ,  it's only 45 minutes away from Edinburgh (if there's not to much traffic - we took about one hour to get there as there was road works on the road).

Two weeks later, when I was on holiday in France I took part in a cross-country mountain bike race and I came first of my category and second over all. 




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